Bitcoin Miners Blamed for Energy Issues as Kazakhstan Looks to ‘Limit’ Mining


Bitcoin Miners Blamed for Energy Issues as Kazakhstan Looks to ‘Limit’ Mining

Bitcoin and altcoin miners fleeing China to neighboring Kazakhstan have been hit with a fresh setback.

These $BTC Miners Are Set Up To EXPLODE…

$BITF Bitfarms (bitf), $CLSK Cleanspark (clsk), $MARA Marathon Digital (mara), $HUT Hut 8 (hut), and $RIOT Riot (riot), and all of the Bitcoin miners are all depending on the price action of $BTC Bitcoin. Bitcoin seems to be in a relief rally that could end up as a bull run. These videos are about going through the recent news, as well as the $BTC Bitcoin miners and the $BTC Bitcoin chart.

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Kazakh Crypto miners won’t like this news.

Kazakhstan to mandate 75% revenue sale from crypto mining for tax purposes.

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Crypto boom strains Kazakh energy grid

Kazakhstan, world’s second-biggest bitcoin mining location after the United States according to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, is struggling to meet the energy needs of its booming cryptocurrency mining industry

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