BitGo To Expand Digital Asset and Fintech Infrastructure Services Worldwide Via Prime Trust Acquisition


BitGo To Expand Digital Asset and Fintech Infrastructure Services Worldwide Via Prime Trust Acquisition

BitGo Holdings Inc. has revealed plans to acquire 100% of the equity of Prime Core Technologies, Inc., the parent company of Prime Trust.

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Game Changer Alert: BitGo’s Transformative Intent Agreement Unveiled!

In this exciting video, we unpack the latest news about BitGo’s transformative intent agreement! This groundbreaking update promises to revolutionize the crypto space and significantly enhance the functionality of BitGo’s offerings. Dive into the specifics of the agreement, what it means for BitGo users, and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We delve into an insightful analysis, breaking down the key facets of this news and providing expert commentary on its potential impact. Stay ahead of the curve and get the latest cryptocurrency updates by subscribing to our channel. Please note that this video is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Always do your research and consider consulting with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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�� Breaking: BitGo’s Game-Changing Intent Agreement
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BitGo – The Leader in Digital Assets Financial Services

BitGo – The Leader in Digital Assets Financial Services

Since 2013, institutions have trusted BitGo for their digital asset needs.

Today, BitGo is the leader in digital asset security, custody, and liquidity, providing the operational backbone for more than 1500 institutional clients in over 50 countries — a list that includes many regulated entities and the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. BitGo also processes approximately 20% of all global Bitcoin transactions by value.

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BitGo’s Digital Asset Innovation

BitGo CEO Mike Belshe discusses how BitGo is filling the industry’s need for settlement clearing capabilities.