Russian Governor Who Slated Miners in October Now Plans to Welcome Them


Russian Governor Who Slated Miners in October Now Plans to Welcome Them

The Governor of a Russian province who just weeks ago was blasting crypto miners has now offered to help them set up shop in the region and provide support for people mining tokens.

‘Russia will respond’: Putin condemns UK plan to send ammunition to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has said Russia will be forced to act if the UK supplies ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine.
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The Russian leader made the remarks in a press conference with Chinese president Xi Jinping, where the two leaders had met for talks in Moscow. Putin claimed the West had shown no interest in a peace deal with Russia over the war in Ukraine, adding that a proposal from China could set the foundation for a ‘peaceful settlement’. This comes after Lady Goldie, the minister of state at the UK’s ministry of defence, vowed Britain will be providing ammunition to Ukraine that includes armour piercing rounds, which contain depleted uranium. 

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U.N. secretary-general condemns Russian withdrawal from Black Sea grain agreement

Speaking on Monday, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said he “regrets” Russia pulling out of an agreement that allowed grain exports from Ukraine to Africa and the Middle East. “Hundreds of millions of people face hunger and consumers are confronting a global cost of living crisis, and they will pay the price,” he said.

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Wheat prices soar as Russia reportedly attacks port in Ukraine on Danube River

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Teucrium Funds Chief Executive Officer and President Sal Gilbert spoke to Yahoo Finance anchors Julie Hyman and Brad Smith about factors impacting the commodities markets including the Russia-Ukraine war, high temperatures and drought, and how Brazil has become a formidable producer of corn and soy beans.
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UK Spy Chief Says Putin Cut A Deal to End Wagner Revolt | Wagner Group Vs Russian Military News LIVE

UK Spy Chief Says Putin Cut A Deal to End Wagner Revolt | Wagner Group Vs Russian Military News LIVE

The chief of Britain’s intelligence agency, MI6, said that President Vladimir Putin of Russia had “cut a deal” with Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner mercenary group, during Prigozhin’s failed rebellion last month.

The comments from Richard Moore, the head of MI6, in a rare speech in Prague at an event hosted by Politico, offer insights from a Western intelligence official into the stunning but short-lived revolt by Prigozhin.

The Wagner leader staged a mutiny against Russia’s military, which saw his mercenary forces marching toward the capital before abruptly halting. More than two weeks later, the Kremlin disclosed that Prigozhin and other Wagner leaders had met with Putin for three hours in the days after the rebellion ended.

“I think he probably feels under some pressure,” Moore said of Putin, speaking at the British ambassador’s residence in the Czech capital. “Prigozhin was his creature, utterly created by Putin, and yet he turned on him. He really didn’t fight back against Prigozhin; he cut a deal to save his skin using the good offices of the leader of Belarus.”

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