South Korean Academic: We Must Block North from Hacking Crypto


South Korean Academic: We Must Block North from Hacking Crypto

A South Korean academic says Seoul must take steps to stop Pyongyang from hacking crypto targets south of the demilitarized zone – claiming that more money should be devoted to blocking crypto hackers from the North. Find out more!

US Says It’ll Nuke North Korea?!

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Biden says that a nuclear attack by North Korea on the US or its allies will result in the end of North Korea. With South Korea saying that a nuclear attack will be met with American nuclear weapons. It was previously believed that the US would respond conventionally instead of glassing the country. South Korea also said that peace with North Korea won’t come through goodwill but with superior force. This comes as the US will dock nuclear submarines in South Korea in a new agreement called the “Washington Declaration”. The agreement also states the US has to conduct occasional very clear demonstrations of US military capabilities.

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North Korea suspected of hacking into South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchanges

국정원 ‘가상화폐거래소 해킹 북한 소행’ 의심 증거 확보
South Korea’s intelligence agency says it has evidence showing North Korea was behind two hack attacks on the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges earlier this year.
The National Intelligence Service said North Korea is suspected of stealing the personal information of some 30-thousand people registered with Bithumb in June… and robbing virtual money from Coinis in September.
It says malicious code used by the North Korean group behind the 2014 Sony Pictures hack… was discovered in both cases.
The evidence have been provided to prosecutors for further investigation.

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North Korean hackers breached a US tech company to steal crypto
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North Korea’s first crypto conference – The Lazarus Heist S2, Ep7 – BBC World Service Podcast

Eight international tech experts head to Pyongyang for a conference about cryptocurrency, but someone is watching.

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It’s North Korea’s first crypto conference. The delegates’ every move in Pyongyang is followed and they soon regret the trip. “I was put in handcuffs and taken to an interrogation centre,” one tells us.

The hackers are back. In fact, the cyber criminals never went away. The Lazarus Heist Season 2 tells the story of the theft of billions of dollars around the globe. Investigators say a secretive, elite North Korean hacking ring is responsible. Nicknamed the Lazarus Group, it’s claimed they are becoming more ambitious, more audacious and more successful. North Korea says it has nothing to do with these cybercrimes, saying the United States is making these allegations to try and tarnish its image.

The Lazarus Heist podcast is presented by cybercrime investigative journalist Geoff White and veteran foreign correspondent and renowned North Korea expert Jean Lee.

Podcast producer: Vivien Jones

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