US Extradites UK Hacker Responsible for 2020 Twitter Breach and Crypto Theft


US Extradites UK Hacker Responsible for 2020 Twitter Breach and Crypto Theft

The United States has extradited a 23-year-old British citizen to the United States for cybercrime, including the 2020 Twitter breach.

Hackers Compete To Hack A U.S. Satellite? | Technado Ep. 314

Catch up on the cybersecurity and tech news of the week with Dan, Sophie, Anthony, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?? as they cover the latest. This week in tech, Apple releases patches for actively exploited flaws in iOS, macOS, and safari, Chinese hackers using never-before-seen tactics for critical infrastructure attacks, Eight teams of hackers will compete to breach U.S. satellite in space, and Australia tells you to turn your phone off every night for five minutes! Sit back and enjoy!

0:00- Introduction

1:26 – Duckduckbingo Browser Beta For Windows Bakes In A Lot Of Privacy Tools

12:40 – Google’s New Standard For ChromeOS: ‘Chromebook X’

23:36 – Eight Teams Of Hackers Will Complete To Breach U.S. Satellite In Space

33:30 – Turn Off Your Phone Every Night For Five Minutes, Australian PM Tells Residents

45:25 – Zero- Day Alert: Apple Releases Patches For Actively Exploited Flaws In IOS, MACOS and Safari

52:03 – Chinese Hackers Using Never-Before-Seen Tactics For Critical Infrastructure Attacks

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Teen Responsible for $100,000 Twitter Bitcoin Hack

Florida authorities say a Tampa 17-year-old is allegedly among those responsible for July’s massive Twitter hack that compromised the accounts of influential individuals, including President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Elon Musk. The scam, which occurred over a day, netted more than $100,000 in Bitcoin, authorities said. Now authorities say the teen faces dozens of felony charges. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has more. #InsideEdition

Spies, informants and new enemies – Today’s intelligence agencies | DW Documentary

Intelligence agencies are influencing governments and spying on countries with no regard for the law. And they are able to remain nearly invisible, in the process. Are they the new superpowers?

The last time intelligence agencies commanded as much power as they do today was during the Cold War. Technological innovations mean that more sophisticated warfare is now a reality. It is not just about Russia and the USA anymore. We may be entering a new era of unrest.

The U.S. has lost more spies and informants since 2010 than at any other time since the Cold War. Leaders of German intelligence agencies also acknowledge that they have once again fallen upon tough times. Money, data and access are proving to be major factors in determining who actually wields power. The 2016 U.S. election made this clear: U.S. intelligence agencies are certain that Russian intelligence helped elect Donald Trump.

But the U.S. has lost old spheres of influence and allies are increasingly pursuing their own agendas. Can President Biden make his country a force for order in the world, again? And what does that mean for political hot spots and potential conflicts with China, Iran, and Russia? And for allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey? Will Western intelligence agencies regain the power they once exerted? Wars fought with drone and hacker attacks, increasingly delegated power, and surveillance could push these conflicts to their tipping point.

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